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Slice of Life: Marching down the Garden Trail

I've been planting some garden seeds. Getting my hands into the soil - even if it's only the bagged kind - has been pure bliss. I'm thinking maybe it won't be winter forever after all. Maybe spring really will come.

Skewed Views: The right to vote

For months now, protests have been raging across the Middle East in a massive effort to depose long-reigning tyrants. The protesters filling the public squares were typically young and underemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them.

Train for function.... not for fashion

What does your gym routine look like? Leg extension, hamstring curl, chest press, lat pulldown, shoulder press, bicep curls, and dips.

Chews the News

GOOD DOGGY: The most expensive dog in the world is a Red Tibetan Mastiff. One was sold last week for 1.5 million dollars. The purchaser is a billionaire business tycoon in China. Wow, 1.

Folkmarks: Spin Doctoring Nuclear Energy

I have a difficult time comprehending how any modern, intelligent country, such as Japan, would allow such a dirty, hazardous method of producing electricity to be installed.

$mart Money: Predicting the future

Every now and then regular readers of this column will comment that it must take me a lot of time to put the column together each week. And it does.

As I See It: For the love of glasses

I need new glasses. Again. I go several years without any changes in my 'scrip, and Bam! Now my eyes decided 'hey, we're not really all that bad.

Real Estate Ramblings:It's Going to be a Soggy Spring

There is a snow storm swirling outside the window of my office today. Yes, it's the same one that is swirling outside your office too.

Swept Off My Feet: A lifelong curler

I'm a curler now. Well, sort of. I am a lot better than when I started in October. A lot. Besides having a much better understanding of the game and the strategy involved, I have definitely grown as a curler.

GEEP - A 'wee' bit of green

Oh, my mother isn't Irish And my father isn't too, But today I feel as Irish As the really Irish do.
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