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Kirstyn's Korner: Roadtrip!

Yay! October hasn't failed me before, and it won't fail me this time. It's keeping my on my toes and making me look forward to everything. Especially this weekend.

Keep the 'ouch' out of your yoga practice

Seniors, pregnant women, is recommended for almost everyone...because it's safe, gentle, and low impact.

Try this creative workout

Turkeys, goblins, and grain dust are in the air.

Cameron's oilsands visit uneventful

Letter to the Editor: Famed movie director James Cameron's recent visit to Alberta to check out the oil sands was surprisingly thoughtful and uneventful.

Medical Awareness

Dear editor: More people struggle with autism today than ever before. At least one study links autism to pesticides. Canada recently, greatly increased its tolerance for pesticides in our food to correspond with U.S. standards.

$mart Money: The Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Symposium 2010

Recently I attended the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners annual symposium. I always enjoy this conference. It's got its own special vibe.

Folkmarks - Some feel like cargo when travelling

We have places to go, miles from here, thus many discussions ensue over the best method of travel. Hubby collects air miles and I hate flying. I'm not sure exactly what this means except perhaps he's planning to fly while I walk.

Site C approval

Attention Editor: Anyone opposed to the Site C Dam, or any other renewable energy project, must offer a better alternative.

Kirstyn's Korner: October is Awesome!

October! Finally! My favourite month of the whole year has finally arrived. I'm not sure why I love October so much, but I think it's mostly because of halloween. I love the decorations and how all of the stores in town try to be a little spooky.

Save our tax dollars

I live in the Charlie Lake area and am disgusted by the publics total disregard for the posted speed limit. 80% of the public travelling the highway in front of Charlie Lake School are doing 90klm per hour in a 70klm zone.
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