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Kirstyn's Korner: Why don't you get a job?

I guess my fortune cookie was right the other night. It told me I'll never need to worry about a steady income. The next day, I got right back to working. I haven't babysat, other than for family, in about year.

Site C Response

To the Editor: Recently you published a guest column written by Mr. Tony Stoeckl. It contained a fair bit of detail regarding the pro side of the Site C discussion. Unfortunately much of what he had to say seems clouded by a certain bias.

Fluoride be gone

To the Editor: In response to an article on Fluoride in our local water in the Northerner newspaper-Feb.

GEEP - Sprinkles of Sunshine

I once participated in a webinar where the facilitator/moderator told us to "sprinkle sunshine throughout the events we plan". I am not a "sunshine sprinkling" kind of gal and I began to wonder, at what point would she attempt a virtual "group hug".

Fluoride referendum unnecessary

To the Editor: In her most recent letter, Mrs. Folk claims that physicians don't take the time to read the "research" surrounding fluoride.

Slice of Life - No spring in my step... Or my future

Well March is here, it's 35 below, the snow has been falling for over 12 hours and I now realize that spring will never come. I will be holed up in this house with a pile of worn out seed catalogues for the rest of my life.

$mart Money: Still looking to save some tax?

Hey, do you pay too much tax? Are you comfortable with the short-term prospects for the energy and/or mining sectors? Can you handle a bit of volatility? Then read on. One of the tools that I am quite fond of is Flow-Through Limited Partnerships.

Supply and demand

To the Editor: Regarding "Feeling the pinch at the pumps." With all due respect to Professor Atkins, his simple analysis of supply and demand is somewhat misleading and perhaps indicative of his place in Calgary. Canada has an ample supply of oil.

Where is the legislation?

To the Editor: The government of the day, through the Minister of Veterans Affairs has made several announcements and promises on Bills C-55 (New Veterans Charter), which has received first reading in the House of Commons but has not progressed to th

New methods

To the Editor: The current situation in the provincial government points up an interesting weakness in our democratic electoral process.
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