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Smart Money - A pre-retirement couple look to their golden years

Sam and Martha are 55 years old. They have two children in their late twenties. The only money that they have ever borrowed is to invest in real estate. They are frugal and fairly risk averse. Sam is a management consultant.

Folkmarks - Growing more intelligent one nap at a time

While thinking about resolutions to increase good health, I wondered if a few brain exercises might be a good way to ensure brain health.

GEEP - A New Year's revolution

We are just days away from 2011 and many are concerned about what the New Year will bring. Instead of breaking a habit as your New Year's Resolution......

Slice of LIfe - All I want for Christmas is cow poop

Ah, Boxing Day week. The scent of pre-Christmas desperation still clings to the air as shoppers return with their treasures.

Folkmarks - Beware the resolutions of January

The joy of making New Year's Resolution, in order to have something to fail, comes to mind this time of year. For instance, one year I resolved to lose weight. My weight has stayed vindictively static ever since.

Smart Money - Common law isn't the same thing

You might be familiar with the name Stieg Larsson. I haven't read any of his novels, but lots of people have; he has sold more than 27 million copies in 41 countries. I'm as much of a fan of a good detective novel as anyone, but it wasn't Mr.

Slice of Life - Laugh lines

The season of schmoozing is upon us again. While some look forward to all the party talk, I am the sort that is intimidated by it. I love to listen but am not always great at responding.

GEEP - Creating a home for the holidays

Sometimes I ask friends and/or family, "what should I write about this weekwhat would you like to read?". Often, they will point me in the right direction and this week is no exception.

Let's start by counting the number of people...

There are hundreds of people in Dawson Creek who want the new Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts! Let's start by counting the number of children and youth who attend weekly ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, baton, piano, guitar, beginner band, and karate clas

Why waste a trip to the polls?

I find it rather strange that Premier candidate Mike De Jong doesn't know why there is voter apathy in Canada. In many ridings it is well known who will be elected so why waste a trip to the polls.
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