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Folkmarks - Snowbird is the wrong name

If we were to arrange the Peace River Country to my liking there would be two seasons, spring and fall. The other two seasons are full of heat and snow, either of which I prefer to avoid.

As I See It: Road trippin'

So you all know if you've been following my musings here that my least favourite mode of transportation is by air. Well, last weekend I had the opportunity to partake in another, usually less terrifying for me, travel tradition.

Swept Off My Feet: Finding serenity on my slider

I guess it?s true what they say - practice makes perfect. Well, I?m not even close to being perfect at curling, but I?ve seen a lot of improvement since I ?competed? in the Ladies Bonspiel.

GEEP - In a nutshell

A couple of years ago I was doing a radio interview to promote an upcoming event and I felt it went really well. I recall mentioning the event time and date, the sponsors, and some of the exciting speakers in the lineup. I was pretty pleased.

Slice of Life - Sugar-free Shannon

I don't know what's happening with me and heart day. Last year I made a Valentine's resolution to try and raise all the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Why women need to train with weights

Women love weddings! It's one of those pre-programmed traits we all share. Most of us start planning our big day in a white frilly dress before we even reach kindergarten.

A little care an compassion

I wanted to pass this along to the local newspaper in Dawson Creek as a person who has had a great experience while travelling in your area.

Skewed Views: Northern nortions

A recent spate of news releases from the Conference Board of Canada's Centre for the North have led to the publication of many self-evident headlines in our venerable publication of late. This just in: "More Men than Women in the North.

Chews the News

BIEBER BULLETIN: Many people are saying Canadian singer Justin Bieber was robbed at the Grammy Awards. But according to gossip on the Internet, he knew he wasn't going to win and he doesn't care.

As I See It: Just call me Cat Lady

I've come to the conclusion that I am a CCL in training. That's Crazy Cat Lady to the uninformed. Right now I only have two cats, but that's two more than a non-Crazy Cat Lady would have. Yes, they are my babies.
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