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Heritage Manor I disqualifying country's pioneers

Dear Editor, I would like to inform your readers of the new rules and regulations regarding our seniors complex Heritage Manor I.

Folkmarks - The supernatural, flying diapers and missing socks

For years Mom insisted that anythingunusual that happened around ourplace was the doings of Patrick thePoltergeist. Poltergeists are invisible creaturesthat people sometimes blame for unexplainedevents. Patrick did harmless, though spooky,things.

$mart Money - The wills, estate and succession act

Last week I wrote about estate planning,which a lot of people equate to simplywriting a will. It's true that having a current will is animportant part of estate planning, but thereis more to estate planning than just having awill.

Warm feelings

We passed through Dawson Creek last month en route to Inuvik. I had lost the spare set of keys for the RV and on the morning of June 11, went L and T Lock and Alarm to have another set made.

Joining the journey for CCSVI treatment

I can never hope to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey to have the CCSVI treatment. It has been completely overwhelming to experience the generosity and sacrifice of so many people and it has been a humbling experience.

Fitness ideas for Father's Day: Think outside the box

The perfect Father's Day giftalways seems to elude me. Howmany more pairs of socks, bottlesof cologne, and fishing rodsdoes my dad really need? We often getstuck buying the same gifts year afteryear. This year, why not think outsidethe box.

Chews the News

BIEBER BULLETIN: 16 year old Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber announced he is writing his autobiography. It'll be a genuine, multi-media Justin Bieber experience.

Toxic waste dump in Swan Lake is wrong

I am in total dismay that the Ministry ofthe Environment will not listen to the peopleof this region by allowing toxic waste dumpsto plop down wherever it wants.

Into Fitness - Ask yourself if you are making your children obese

The statistics are scary. For thefirst time in modern civilization,children are expected tohave SHORTER life spans thantheir parents. Considering how farmedical science and technology hascome, this seems preposterous. But, it'strue.

Slice of Life - Growing together

Whenever people are asked to introducesomeone who is well known they always saythe same thing. "Ladies and gentlemen, here'sa person who needs no introduction" andthen they go on to introduce the person anyway.
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