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Chews the News

$$$: A report published last week by Statistics Canada shows Canada escaped the worst effects of the global recession. By the way, Statistics Canada is the organization that has successfully predicted 14 of the last three recessions.

Letter to the Editor - Please think again

In A.

Slice of Life - Whether or not it came first, the egg it still a miracle

An egg is truly a miraculous object; the purple and red foil, the dark chocolate shell, the creamy centres. How do they get those in there? It's another that miracle I didn't gain more over Easter than I did.

Home Impressions

It's Not Luck That Sells Your House

Real Estate Ramblings

Buying a new home

Letters to the Editor - Electorate to blame for lack of bananas

Don Pettit is quite right in encouraging people to attend City Council's budget presentation at KPAC on April 13. He is also right in stressing the importance of values other than monetary wealth to the well-being of a community.

Letter to the Editor: Do you forget?

It appears that ever since Shopper's Drug Mart has opened at its new location in the Mall, patrons of the mall have forgotten how to park.

Bob Snyder Chews the News

AFGHANISTAN: How welcome are our troops in Afghanistan? Judge for yourself. Last week the president of Afghanistan made a threat. He said if western governments don't stop pressuring him, he will join the Taliban. Nice guy.

RER - A look back at the first quarter

The first quarter of 2010 has come and gone. The local real estate market continued its healthy performance that started to gain momentum in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Slice of Life – Like an old mother hen

With hatching eggs winging their way towards me through the postal service I dug out my ancient incubator and set it up in a spare bedroom and soon had it clucking along at a perfect 38 degrees Celsius.
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