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Charlie Lake students donate 1,128 boxes of cereal

Students hope domino effect will be created in the community

Charlie Lake Elementary students donated 1,128 boxes of cereal to charity Wednesday morning, with half going to the Women’s Resource Society outreach store and the other half going to the Salvation Army food bank.

Parent Advisory Council Treasurer Lisa Jung says the school was inspired by Dr. Kearney Middle School, which hosted a similar food drive earlier this year.

“We were planning this for year end, as sort of a celebration for the kids to do something fun and give back to the community,” she said, noting local companies chipped in cash for the boxes.

The students took the collected cereal boxes and lined them up like dominoes in the halls, watching the boxes knock each other over end to end.

“It was great, we were really hoping to make it all the way to the end of the hall, and go around the ramps and the stairs,” said Jung.

She added they hope a domino effect will be created in the community, with other schools challenged to do the same.

Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News, Local Journalism Initiative. Email