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Wildland firefighting training a success

Strategic training will go a long way to troubleshoot and fix problems in the field

The Charlie Lake Fire Department hosted a wildland firefighting education session last month, inviting the Hudson’s Hope and Moberly Lake departments to train together.

Training focused on use of a Wildland Structural Protection Unit, a mobile sprinkler system used to douse flames. Hudson’s Hope Fire Chief Brad Milton said the practical and strategic training will go a long way in troubleshooting and fixing problems when working in the field.  

“You could be out a ways from your main base of operations, trying to protect an area threatened by wildfires,” said Milton. “With limited time and limited resources, you want to be able to know what you’re doing to trouble shoot those issues, to provide the best service possible to your community.”

Charlie Lake Fire Chief Edward Albury said the training was invaluable and expands on the working knowledge of his team.

“It was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it in all honestly," said Albury, noting the training also allowed him to get a good sense of other department’s capabilities. "I hope to bring them back and do it again because I think it’s that valuable."

Instructors from Slave Lake Fire Protection administered the training, courtesy of the Peace River Regional District. Albury said the instructors who ran the course should be commended for a great job.

“It’s definitely a good thing to see all the participants from the departments that came in to get the training," Albury said. "As a region it’s good know that we’ve got other resources in the area that we can rely on if we ever need a helping hand."

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