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Mom and pups go from trauma to safety

119 dogs, pups rescued from Fort Nelson

The BC SPCA says a mom and her puppies are doing well after they were rescued from a property near Fort Nelson.

The SPCA say they took in a total of 119 from the home, many of which were severely matted and treated them for dental issues, hernias, nose abrasions, eye issues, nutritional needs and other concerns.

The mom, a terrier mix named Cookie, and her puppies were placed under foster care after they had been checked over by the vet.

“When I first got her, she was terrified of people, myself included,” Paige Wards said.

“She hid in her blanket fort and did not come out when I was around. Her puppies were super friendly but she was very concerned when I would pick them up.”

Up until her rescue, Cookie had little to no socialization. Wards says she was scared of people, loud noises, and people touching her or her babies.

After a lot of time and care, Wards says Cookie is “now absolutely obsessed with me."

What’s remained constant is Cookie’s love and devotion to her puppies. “She is a wonderful mother,” says Wards. “Her babies love her so much."

According to Wards, the puppies, who were born in early March, are so full of personality now. Named after cookies (Wafer, Sugar, Shortbread, Teddy, Graham, Oreo, and Chip), she says, “They’re constantly jumping all over each other and playing.

"They’re also starting to walk more so they want to go everywhere. I absolutely love all the puppies and how much fun they are, and they will be amazing pets in the future.”

Wards believes the pups and their mom will find their forever home in no time.

“Cookie is an amazing dog. She is so loyal and loving,” said Wards. “She is resilient and with patience, time, effort, understanding and compassion she will blossom into a wonderful pet for any home.”