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Rivers Forecast Centre lowers Flood Warning to Flood Watch for Liard

Significant forecasted rain could easily push status back up

The BC Rivers Forecast Centre scaled back its Flood Warning to a Flood Watch for the Liard River and its tributaries Sunday afternoon.

Flows at the Lower Crossing automated station showed flows at 5680 cubic metres per second or a two-to-five-year occurrance.

The statement, though, was quick to point out the rate could rise in the coming ten days, based on the upcoming forecast.

“The short-term forecast (5 days) has the potential for the river to rise to close to 5-year return period flows; this is lower than peaks experienced earlier in June, which exceeded its 20 year return period,” said the latest statement.

“In the longer-term forecast (10 day forecast), there is potential for the river to rise again to nearly 10 year return period flows,” it said.

“However, these increases will depend on the amount of precipitation that falls within the region. As of today (June 19th), these forecasted increases are less than peaks experienced earlier in June.”

Forecasters aren't ruling out a return to Flood Warning status if the rain forecast increases.

“This flood watch advisory recognizes that while levels have dropped from previous peaks, the Liard River remains high and vulnerable to significant rain, especially if rain is accompanied by warm temperatures that increases melt of snow remaining within the region.”

The entire Liard region has been under a flood warning for the last 14 days.

The latest forecast is contained inside the photo gallery.