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Bears put down in Hudson’s Hope

Four bears have been put down for public safety, with the district reminding residents to removed attractants such as fruit. 
A view of Hudson's Hope by Signal Hill Rd.

Four bears have been put down in Hudson's Hope for public safety, after coming too close to residential areas. The District of Hudson’s Hope posted a PSA on August 19, reminding residents to be cautious about leaving attractants such as fruit out, which can drop from trees on their properties. 

In their PSA, they noted that the BC Conservation Service put down the four bears for foraging, and that they were not aggressive. 

Hudson's Hope RCMP Cpl. Erich Schmidt commented on the district’s PSA on social media, noting that it should be amended, as the conservation service’s message was misinterpreted - the bears were put down for public safety. 

“I am requesting that this publication be removed based on misinformation regarding the topic. There is information in this which holds untrue details,” wrote Schmidt. “For transparency purposes, the misinformation is that the 4 bears that were dispatched were not just foraging and were dispatched for public safety reasons.” 

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