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Don't drink Hudson's Hope water

Hudson’s Hope residents are being warned not to consume water from the local distribution system.
A view of Hudson's Hope by Signal Hill Rd.


Hudson’s Hope Mayor Dave Heiberg is asking residents to continue to being patient while the district works out issues with the water treatment plant, after a Do Not Consume Order was issued today.  

In a media release update, Heiberg says the district consulted with Northern Health over the order and decided they would put the order in place as a precautionary measure while the plant’s aerator is repaired, as several damaged units need to be replaced.  

“It was actually the district’s initiative to reach to Northern Health just to get their input. They’ve been working really well with us,” said Heiberg.  

He added that the district wasn’t obligated to put out the order, but felt it was appropriate to protect residents while the aerator is fixed.  

“Unfortunately,I’m asking the public to be patient a little while longer until we can get this one sorted out, and keeping our fingers crossed we should be able to fire the plant up,” Heiberg said.  

It’s estimated the repairs will take three weeks, with the order remaining in place until the work is complete. Staff are working hard to stay on top of the situation, said Heiberg.   

Twenty units in the aerator were cleaned last Friday to start, before deciding it would more efficient to replace them entirely. The units which make up the aerator are made of plastic, noted Heiberg.  

“It just wasn’t feasible to take them out and clean them. Some were damaged, so staff decided with consultant from the contractor that we’re better off just to replace that medium,” he said.  

Sand for the plant’s reverse osmosis filters is also expected to arrive this week, Heiberg added.  

“We should be able to have that piece fixed up, and I was going to update the community as soon as the sand arrived,” said Heiberg.  

Testing continues for iron-bacteria and E.Coli, following super chlorination last week. Test results indicate they remain at acceptable levels.  

“From the feedback I’ve gotten, it went very well. The well is before the aerator and if we can kill those iron providing bacteria at the source it will probably not plug up the rest of the system so bad - that’s the theory,” Heiberg said.  

In the meantime, the Beryl Prairie water stand is open for anyone wanting water for their animals or pets.  

Original story: 

Hudson’s Hope residents are being warned not to consume water from the local distribution system.

In an announcement Tuesday, the District of Hudson’s Hope says the order from Northern Health comes as repairs continue to be made to the local water treatment plant.

The order is a “precautionary measure,” according to the district, and applies to water for drinking or cooking. Water can still be used for other activities such as showering, flushing toilets, and washing dishes, according to the district.

Northern Health warned last week that a Do Not Consume order could be issued if there were delays getting the water plant back online.

“The issuing of the DO NOT CONSUME ORDER is a precautionary measure due to the extended time required to repair the Water Treatment Plant,” the district said in its announcement. “Staff have been faced with many challenges and are working diligently to effect repairs as quickly as possible.”

The district says the water stand in Beryl Prairie is not affected by this order, nor are Powell Road and Lynx Creek. Water from the Beryl Prairie water stand can be used for animals and livestock, the district said.

Potable water is available at the community hall Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2 to 8 p.m., according to the district.

More to come.

Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News, Local Journalism Initiative. 

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