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Hudson's Hope Police Report - April 2022

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 27 calls for service between March 18, 2022 to April 19, 2022. 51 written violations and warning tickets were issued to drivers between the above dates for various motor vehicle related offences.

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 27 calls for service between March 18, 2022 to April 19, 2022. 51 written violations and warning tickets were issued to drivers between the above dates for various motor vehicle related offences. Highway and road safety continues to be a focus for the Hudson’s Hope RCMP.

Please make note of the numerous construction sites along Hwy 29 toward Fort St. John. Due to the increase of work sites along the highway, there is a large fluctuation between the speed zones for each site. Police will be monitoring these areas as they are a posted construction zone and fines will range from $196 to $253 for speeding violations within a marked construction zone.

Being that Spring is technically upon us again (even though it doesn’t look like it currently), the Hudson’s Hope RCMP would like to remind locals to be aware of the emerging bears from their long hibernations. Upon emerging from their long cozy earth dens, bears will be quite slow and groggy for several days, however, during this time, bears will be quite hungry and will be looking for easy meals, ie: left out garbage, compost piles, gardens, small pets, etc.

That said, if one is to become face to face with one of these furry creatures, please remember the following tips:

  • Do not yell “awwwww” and try to get a selfie with said bear! They are not friendly and will taste test you!
  • Stay calm, your calm behaviour can reassure the bear,
  • Speak to the bear, talk calmly and firmly,
  • Do not turn and run but rather back away slowly while facing the bear,
  • Make yourself appear BIG, pick up small children and stay within a group (if with others),
  • If have a backpack on, do not remove being that it can provide protection should the bear attack,
  • If planning an outdoor excursion in bear country, make lots of noise, travel in groups if able to, and carry bear spray (always examine the expire date on the spray…could be a bad time to discover that your bear spray has expired and is no longer potent!), and lastly, if you have to use the bear spray, pay attention to the wind direction. Spraying yourself only makes it easier for the bear and now you have also seasoned yourself! 

On March 31, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of a stolen ATCO trailer from a property on the South side of the Peace River. It was reported that an ATCO trailer had been stolen or taken without permission and currently has not been recovered. File remains open for investigation.

On April 6, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP stopped a motor vehicle for speeding through the school zone along Beattie Dr. Upon identifying the driver, it was found that the driver was not only speeding but did not have a valid drivers licence and was found to be breaching several court ordered conditions. The individual was arrested and later transported to a remand facility.

On April 7, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report that twenty-one 9-1-1 calls had been made from a residence with no response on the line. Police attended the area and upon conducting checks, located the caller which turned out to be a young child playing with an old phone. For note, cell phones that have been deactivated or have had the SIM card removed, can still make emergency 9-1-1 calls if the emergency calling system have not been manually turned off within the phone settings.

On April 15, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of illegal dumping and trespassing at the Hudson’s Hope garbage dump. It was found that during closed business hours, someone had trespassed and driven into the dump site via accessing a side road, and illegally dumped a full sized truck camper. Though the dumping of this item was at a designated dump, this item is too large to be processed without being dismantled accordingly. File remains open for ownership confirmation.

Monthly Ha Ha: On an undisclosed date and time, a police officer observes a vehicle that is swerving all over the road and therefore, pulls the vehicle over. The officer directs the driver to step out of the car and states, “I am going to need you to take a breathalyzer test”. The man replies, “I can’t, you see I have very bad asthma and that can set off an attack”. “Alright” says the officer, “then we’re going to have to get a blood sample from you.” The man replies, “can’t do that either officer, I am hemophiliac and if a wound is opened, I can’t stop bleeding, and could bleed to death”. “Ok”, the officer replies, “then I will need a urine sample”. “Sorry” the man replies, “I also have diabetes and that could push my sugar count too low”. The officer replies, “fine then, just come on out and walk a straight line for me”. “Nope, can’t do that either” replies the man. “Why Not?” demands the exasperated officer. “well…because I’m drunk!”   

Anyone with information regarding current or past investigations can contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP directly at 250-783-5241 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Visit for advice on submitting tips online and to browse the areas “Most Wanted” page.

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