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Hudson's Hope Police Report - March 2021

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 20 calls for service between Jan. 26 and Feb.
moose incident
The damage to Cpl. Rob Gardner's cruiser after his close encounter with a moose.

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 20 calls for service between Jan. 26 and Feb. 22 — 39 written violations and warning tickets were issued to drivers between the above dates with 21 of those violations being speeding in the school zone along Beattie Dr. Highway. Road safety continues to be a big focus for the Hudson’s Hope RCMP with the school zone along Beattie Drive and the construction zones along Hwy 29 being the largest focuses for traffic enforcement at this time.

On Jan. 31, ‘twas a dark wintery night when Cpl. Gardner of the Hudson’s Hope RCMP decided to make a routine patrol along Hwy 29, East of town, but unknown to him, this was not going to turn out to be a routine patrol! While braving the snowy winter conditions of the Northern highway, Cpl. Gardner came upon two giants of the North, aka: moose, that had just made the decision to cross over the highway, in front of the moving police vehicle.

Cpl. Gardner had just enough time to say a few choice words (*#@!) before colliding with one of the large beasts, resulting in the moose striking the fender and causing it to land on the windshield, shattering the window and covering Cpl. Gardner in sharp shiny specks of glass. Cpl. Gardner was able to keep the police vehicle on the road due to his expert police driving skills, and upon coming to a stop and exiting the vehicle, it was found that the moose had gotten up and trotted off, leaving only some fur, a smashed up police vehicle, and a bit of its pride in its tracks. Cpl Gardner incurred minor injuries, however, the police vehicle was deemed un-road worthy and was towed from scene.

This event is a good reminder that drivers in the area need to always be not only vigilant, but also prepared for instances like the above where one could find themselves stranded on the side of the road for several hours in cold climate conditions. We recommend having even a small survival/emergency bag on-hand that can contain items such as a blanket, gloves, toques, non-perishable foods such as granola bars, nuts, etc., road flares or strobes, and a flashlight.

On Feb. 4, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP was contacted by a local resident after approximately 14 horses had escaped their enclosure and decided to take a road trip along Hwy 29, ending up in the fields along the Farrell Creek Rd. Though very reluctant at leaving their new found tasty fields, the horses were rounded up with the assistance of some locals from the Hudson’s Hope Saddle Club, and with police closing off the highway for a short duration, the fugitive horses were driven westward along the highway, and back into their enclosure at the bottom of the hill with little issue.

On Feb. 4, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report from an individual who was working along the banks of the Peace River, who found what he believed could be human bones protruding from the frozen ground. Being that the bones could not be removed from the frozen topsoil, pictures were forwarded to an anthropologist who was able to later confirm the bones to be non-human but that of a large animal, possibly a bear. However, this Constable is still holding onto the idea that they could be bones from that of a Peace Area Sasquatch.

On Feb. 11, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of an odd looking moose roaming along Beryl Prairie Rd. Upon further inspection, it was deemed that a young bison had escaped its enclosure to seek greener fields. Owners of the escapee were immediately notified and the young bison was herded back to its enclosure with no issues.

On Feb. 15, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of an ATV that was observed driving along Twelve Mile Rd. with 2x passengers that were seen carrying firearms. Though it was within the late season cow elk hunting period, police attended the area to search out the individuals to confirm that they were abiding by the 400m no shoot area that is along the entirety of the Twelve Mile Rd. Police located the individuals and confirmed that they were up to date on the rules and regulations for that area.

Anyone with information regarding current or past investigations can contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP directly at 250-783-5241 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Visit http://crimestoppersnebc.cafor advice on submitting tips online and to browse the areas “Most Wanted” page.

This information was provided by Hudson's Hope RCMP.