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Hudson's Hope Police Report — May 2021

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 44 calls for service between March 21 and April 18.

Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 44 calls for service between March 21 and April 18. Eighty-four written violations and warning tickets were issued to drivers between the above dates with 44 of those violations being speeding in the school zone along Beattie Drive. Highway and road safety continues to be a big focus for the Hudson’s Hope RCMP with the school zone along Beattie Drive and the various construction zones along Hwy 29 being the chief focus for traffic enforcement at this time.

Between the above dates, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP issued 5 excessive speeding tickets to drivers, 4 of which were stopped in the Beattie Dr. 30km/hr school zone. These tickets are issued when a driver is found to be 43km/hr over the posted speed limit and come with a $368 fine, 3 points to one’s license, and a 7 day impound of the stopped vehicle. The tow bill and storage fees are the responsibility of the registered owner.   

Please make note of the numerous construction sites along Hwy 29 toward Fort St. John. Due to the increase of work sites along the highway, there is a large fluctuation between the speed zones for each site. Police will be monitoring these zones as they are a posted construction site and fines will range from $196 to $253 for speeding violations within a marked construction zone.

On March 22, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP conducted a routine traffic check-stop along Hwy 29. During the check-stop, approximately 60 drivers were stopped and police checked for sobriety, valid driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. Several violation tickets were issued to drivers this day.

On March 23, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP attempted to stop a speeding vehicle which the driver refused to stop and attempted to flee from police. The vehicle was later located and blocked in on Hwy 97 with 2x suspects attempting to flee on foot but later apprehended by RCMP. The two occupants were identified and later charged with several criminal code and motor vehicle offences.

As they say, “Mounties always get their man.”

Between April 6 to 9, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 3 different motor vehicle collisions with 2 of them being on Canyon Dr. and the 3rd on the Farrell Creek Rd. No major injuries were incurred between the three incidents but speed and weather conditions were deemed a factor in all three incidents.

On April 12, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP were advised of a spreading wildfire along Hwy 29 near Farrell Creek Rd. The fire was found to be approximately 4.5 hectares in size and started due to a small camp fire that had gotten away from the individuals. No public or private property was damaged and the BC Wildfire crew was able to contain and later extinguish the fire.

This is a good reminder that we are rolling into Wildfire Season and for persons to seek out and educate themselves on what the current fire status is in our area before conducting bonfires or yard burns. Persons can seek this information by contacting your local Fire Department or by looking up the current statuses on the BC Wildfire web pages.

On April 16, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of 2x persons who had been out snowmobiling on the Williston Lake, and found themselves hitting thin ice (literally), when their sleds broke through the ice and became submerged. The two persons were able to crawl/swim as they broke through the ice several times while attempting to make it to shore. Luckily, one of the persons was able to grab a small bag from the back of one of the sinking sleds prior to crawling/swimming to shore. This bag contained food, fire starter, and an Inreach GPS system that allowed the two to send out a distress message, as well as start a fire to stay warm and dry off.  Given the remote location the two found themselves in, Search and Rescue was called out and upon a rescue attempt by land, it was found that the ice was too thin to make it to the two stranded persons. Upon daylight the following day, the Search and Rescue helicopter was able to locate the two individuals and transport them to safety with no injuries.

This is a good reminder to double check the ice on our lakes and rivers prior to adventuring out on them. Having a survival kit packed is essential when exploring our vast lands, this can mean the difference between experiencing a very cold or semi-comfortable night if one is to find themselves stranded or lost. Items such as emergency blankets, matches, non-perishable foods, compass, and if possible, a GPS system of some sorts are good items to have packed. A small, sometimes forgotten about item that can prove to be useful, is a small reflective mirror. This can be used not only to verify your handsomeness, but also can be used to reflect the sunshine to signal others in the area or a helicopter that may be in the area searching for you.

Anyone with information regarding current or past investigations can contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP directly at 250-783-5241 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Visit for advice on submitting tips online and to browse the areas “Most Wanted” page.

This information was provided by Hudson's Hope RCMP. Email your crime news tips to reporter Tom Summer at