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Hudson’s Hope pool closed indefinitely

Cloudy water unsafe, says mayor 
After two closures earlier this summer, Hudson’s Hope has closed its pool for the third time, indefinitely shuttering the outdoor facility on August 2 over ongoing issues with the town’s failed water treatment plant.  

Mayor Dave Heiberg says it simply isn’t safe to operate, with raw water from the treatment plant clouding the pool, even when supplemented with water hauled from Chetwynd and Fort St. John.

“What it boils down to is that the raw water from the aquifer can’t be used in the pool, it makes the pool cloudy, and we can’t maintain the chemistry,” said Heiberg. “The lifeguards can’t see the bottom of the pool and makes it unsafe.”  

It’s also prohibitively expensive, costing the town $4,000 a day just to haul the supplemental water to keep the pool filled due to leaks in the liner. Other parts of the facility are also showing their age.  

A plan was being created by the municipality to extend the life of the pool, holding off on a complete replacement for another 15 years.  

The failed water treatment plant has yet to be resolved, with staff also needing a chance to recuperate, said Heiberg. 

“Our water treatment plant operators have been working very long hours, and we have to have a staff person there every two hours throughout the night to make sure it’s operational – the bottom line is that it just wasn’t sustainable,” he said.  

Youth working at the pool this summer have been offered alternative employment with the district to make up for the closure.  

Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News, Local Journalism Initiative.  

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