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Site C construction dusts up Hudson's Hope

Mayor Dave Heiberg says the dust has been a concern for residents
Construction continues on shoreline protection work in Hudson’s Hope. February 2021.

BC Hydro says it will implement dust controls along Canyon Drive in Hudson’s Hope once the weather remains above freezing to mitigate dust coming from trucks hauling material to the Site C berm being built below the town.

Spokesman Dave Conway says trucks have already been using water at the work site to suppress dust along haul roads and the gravel portion of Clarke Avenue.

“Calcium chloride will be applied once overnight freezing conditions subside. Additionally, the contractor plans to sweep Clarke Avenue once the mud on the road dries,” wrote Conway.

Hudson’s Hope Mayor Dave Heiberg says the dust has been a concern for residents, but is being addressed.

“We had to wait for the weather to change, usually if you’re going to do any dust control things like that involve water and sweeping. If the temperatures are below zero, all you’re doing is making it icy and more treacherous,” said Heiberg.

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