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Too dangerous for fireworks

Town put at risk by launching fireworks, say RCMP.
A view of Hudson's Hope by Signal Hill Rd.

The Hudson’s Hope RCMP want to remind the public that open fire bans are in effect, following an incident with two individuals suspected of launching fireworks near the airport.  

While they weren’t caught in the act, Cst. Erich Schmidt says it’s simply too dangerous for fireworks, with an abundance of dry tinder in the area as a result of the hot weather. 

“There’s already smoke and haze in the air from the fires north, it’s quite the indicator that fire season is upon us now. The fire ban in our area is strictly no fires, no open pit fire, no fireworks,” said Schmidt. “No charges were laid as, unfortunately, we didn’t catch them in the act. These individuals put the entire community at risk.”  

The failure of the town’s water treatment plant has also made water a precious resource, but it remains critically important for firefighting. 

The town’s firefighting capabilities were already impacted on July 18 with a district public works truck being stolen, in addition to a wildland fire fighting trailer being broken into and suspects stealing jerry cans of fuel, a red water pump, and rolls of fire hose.  

"Resources are already slack as it is," said Schmidt. "That dry tinder could spark really fast - we're already nervous because we've got thunderstorms expected for the next few days, and some of them are going to be dry thunderstorms, that's not good all." 

Schmidt said the truck has since been recovered by Chetwynd RCMP on July 23. Chetwynd RCMP have been contacted by Alaska Highway News for more details on the recovered truck.  

Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News, Local Journalism Initiative.  

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