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Water still unsafe to drink

Hudson's Hope continues to struggle with conflicting water samples
hh water treatment plant
Photo of the inside of the District of Hudson's Hope water treatment facility

The District of Hudson’s Hope is facing yet another challenge in its efforts to bring safe, potable water back to the community.

For close to a month, the town’s Dudley Drive water treatment plant has been fully operational after new parts for its filtering system were installed, but problems continue to persist.

“We’re making water and we’re testing the heck of it,” said mayor Dave Heiberg.

“Right now, we need two consecutive favourable tests from Northern Health to take off the Do Not Consume or Boil Water orders and we’re having trouble managing that.”

Heiberg says testing is being done at 10 different sites but the results keeping changing.

“One set of results will come in good at all sites. The second set might come in with chloroform or a level of one. Northern Health, I believe, wants it less than one, so just enough to throw it off.”

“So, we take another set. Did that again. The first set came in fine. The second set, another location, a different location, for no apparent reason, came up with a negative result that wouldn’t have been acceptable for Northern Health.”

The first round of sample testing was done on Sept. 13 and 14 with mixed results, and tests have been carried out every Tuesday and Wednesday since then.

Results for this past Tuesday and Wednesday are expected Friday and Sunday morning.

“We are asking if the testing procedure couldn’t be expedited but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why this is happening.”

The hope is a positive result on Friday and one on Sunday will change the community’s fortunes.

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