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Final Site C penstock segment put in place

Massive pipes will channel the Peace River through the turbines that will produce power when $16-billion dam is put into operation.
Installation of the final penstock segments at Site C.

BC Hydro reached another construction milestone at Site C last month.

The company said June 29 that the final segment for the last penstock unit was placed into the powerhouse.

“We’ve pieced more than 90 segments together to form 6 penstock units, each 10 m in diameter and 80 m in length,” the company said in a post to social media. “These large steel pipes will channel the flow of water into the #SiteC generating station.”

The first pieces of penstock for the dam were transported to the site in spring 2019, from the workshop where they were fabricated in Fort St. John.

The steel for the penstocks was manufactured in Hamilton and sent to a workshop in Quebec to be cut and shaped before being shipped by rail to Fort St. John.

In Fort St. John, the pieces were assembled into 14 separate segments that made up each penstock, and were delivered to the dam site as they were completed over the last three years.

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