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Site C construction bulletin April 4 – 17

BC Hydro has issued the following construction bulletin for Site C construction works scheduled for April 4 to 17, 2020. All activities listed below are subject to change.
Excavation on the north bank of the Peace River, February 2018.

BC Hydro has issued the following construction bulletin for Site C construction works scheduled for April 4 to 17, 2020.

All activities listed below are subject to change.

Dam site area and reservoir – north (left) bank and south (right) bank

  • Work is being scaled back in response to the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. All work frontsthat have been scaled back are being monitored and maintained to meet all environmental and regulatory commitments.
  • Activities required to achieve river diversion will continue.

River diversion and navigational changes

  • New: Construction has begun on the shores of the Peace River for a debris boom upstream of the dam site. Another debris boom is being built by the main civil works contractor closer to the dam site. Work is anticipated to continue through June.
  • Piles have been installed as part of a debris management system being built on the Moberly River, upstream of the dam site. The area is closed to boaters. •
  • The Peace River will be diverted from fall 2020 until the comp

Highway 29

  • Construction is continuing on the Cache Creek East embankment.
  • Rock hauling on Highway 29 will continue from the Dry Creek construction site to the gravel causeway approximately three kilometres west. Traffic control will be in place, with minor delays.
  • Rock hauling may occur from West Pine Quarry to the gravel causeway.
  • Construction of a bridge at Halfway River continues. This includes operation of a concrete batch plant aggregate plant, tower crane, aggregate pit development installation of concrete piles, excavation, hauling and stockpiling of materials, and construction of a temporary berm within the river.
  • Lynx Creek East embankment construction continues, with the contractor based at Dry Creek. This includes clearing, vegetation removal, and excavation, hauling and stockpiling of aggregates, and inriver works.
  • Lynx Creek East in-river construction works will continue with construction of gravel causeways in the Peace River and the clearing, grubbing, excavation, aggregate hauling, and removal of waste wood on Dry Island and Gates Island. Boaters are advised to stay clear of the construction areas.
  • Hand-falling of trees at Dry Creek on south side of Highway 29 may occur.
  • Visit our website for more Highway 29 schedules, maps and construction updates. 

Reservoir Area

  • Forestry and access road data collection and site investigations continue in the middle and western portions of the reservoir.

Transmission Works

  • Transmission line construction will continue as road access allows. This includes helical pile and micropile foundation installation.
  • Maintenance work continues on roads that provide access to the transmission corridor.

Other Areas

  • Work is occurring at Portage Mountain. This involves clearing snow, loading rip rap and work near Canyon Drive at 400 Road.
  • Riprap hauling continues between Portage Mountain Quarry and Lynx Creek, and between West Pine Quarry and Halfway River.
  • Aggregate and riprap production will continue in West Pine Quarry and Portage Mountain Quarry.

What to expect

While this work takes place, local residents can expect the following:

Traffic – please use caution and obey safety signage

  • Old Fort Road: Near Gate A to the dam site, drivers may encounter loose gravel and increased commercial traffic.
  • Due to equipment delivery, there may be occasional short road closures along Old Fort Road from Tahltan Road to Gate B.
  • Highway 29: Construction-related equipment will travel along Highway 29 and Highway 97. Learn more at
  • Other areas: Trucks with heavy loads will be accessing the dam site and other project areas, using public and resource roads.


  • Heavy machinery will be in the transmission line corridor. Please stay clear of the work areas.
  • Helicopters and commercial drones may be used to support investigative and construction works.

Noise and vibration

  • Some noise and vibration may occur near the dam site and work areas, including the quarries.