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Taylor residents urged to have say on regional pool and recreation survey

Potential new facility could be one of the biggest investments ever, says Mayor Rob Fraser.
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Taylor mayor Rob Fraser is urging residents to take part in an online survey over a proposed regional recreational facility.

After an in-person open house June 7 and a virtual session two nights later, the question remains: what could a new recreation or multi-purpose facility for the North Peace look like?

District of Taylor mayor Rob Fraser is hoping residents in his community, who thought they may have missed out, take the time to add their voice through an online survey open until July 7.

“Our council is really trying to explore what the project is. We want to hear from the citizens of Taylor, we want to hear from the region, what types of facilities they're looking for,” said Fraser Tuesday night following a Coffee with Council session, a community roundtable held a couple of times a year.

“Whatever this becomes, whatever information comes out of the public, if Taylor participates, it will be one of the biggest investments ever that we'll be involved in, as it relates to the region.”

At the centre of the conversation is the North Peace Leisure Pool which, under the current formula, Taylor doesn't help fund.

With the pool's age showing and its 'shelf life' quickly dwindling, local leaders, Fraser included, feel a decision needs to be made soon.

While Taylor traditionally has a seasonal indoor pool set up inside the curling club each year, it's facing a post-pandemic problem – staffing, and being able to find the required complement to operate the pool.

If his community is to commit to a regional plan, the mayor feels three things need to happen.

“It has to be a transparent process...we need to know what the funding options are...and, there has to be an understanding of what the project looks like.”

While the pool is the focal point in any proposal, other amenities, such as a field house, are being looked into as possibilities. The project and its cost, if approved, would be shared by Taylor, Fort St. John, and the regional district.

To complete the survey, follow this link.

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