B.C. without critical ministers during a crisis: Green Party leader

“I am finding a lot to be angry about these days”

B.C. premier John Horgan’s calling an election has left the province without health, finance and education ministers at a time of crisis, the Green Party leaders said Sept. 24.

And, Sonia Fursteneau told Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) delegates, with the election called on the first day of their annual conference, it left them without the annual opportunity to discuss issues with members of cabinet.

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“This was supposed to be about you and your conference,” she said. “Instead, the Legislature was dissolved.”

“I am finding a lot to be angry about these days,” she said.

“This election isn’t one I wanted but it is one I am willing to fight for.”

Contrary to what Horgan claimed as he announced an election for Oct. 24, Fursteneau said B.C. had a stable government with the Greens supporting the NDP.

That support was through the Confidence and Supply Agreement signed between the NDP and B.C.’s Greens to maintain the NDP in power, Horgan in the premier’s office. That agreement said no election would be called by the NDP until May 31, 2021, or the next scheduled election under the B.C. Constitution Act.

Fursteneau said the NPD approval of LNG Canada jeopardizes the province’s climate targets while the government continues to hand out subsidies to oil and gas fracking operations.

And, she said, the Greens were willing to work within the cooperative agreement.
“Mr. Horgan’s motivation is trying to secure a majority,” the Cowichan Valley MLA said. “This minority government has worked well.”

Fursteneau said climate change means adapting to new ways, something of which she said the UBCM has been supportive. It’s about working together, she said.

“My wellbeing is connected to the your wellbeing as it is connected to the rivers and the forests as it is connected to your children and the elders,” she said.



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