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Top five tips on how to get your home ready to sell

A local realtor shares things to consider before listing your property
Leah French, a realtor with Century 21 Energy Realty.

In the ultra competitive real estate market it’s essential to have the best and most effective help in getting the best possible deal when selling your home.

To help you navigate the way through the process, local realtor Leah French with Century 21 Energy Realty has a list of five tips to consider when putting your property on the market.

  1. Stage your home

“Whether you’re living in the home or it’s empty, homes that show well and are staged nicely, buyers generally view them at a higher value,” French says. “It doesn’t need to be done professionally, but your efforts to de-clutter and present it in the best possible way will leave a good impression.”

  1. Depersonalize the space

“You may think that things like your family photos on the walls are part of staging, but they aren’t,” French says. “Your personal items and decor subconsciously detaches a buyer from seeing themselves and their family in your home. You need to make your home as neutral as possible.”

  1. Don’t forget about curb appeal

“Make sure your home’s exterior is in the best possible condition because many potential buyers will do a drive-by, not only to see your property but the neighbourhood,” French says. “And getting your home’s exterior in shape doesn’t take a lot. It can be as simple as putting wreath on the front door, having a nicely mowed lawn, or storing away kids’ toys that may be cluttering the yard.”

  1. Do minor repairs

“Undertake the minor, cost-efficient repairs that can look really nice and make a big difference,” French says. “That can include some paint touch-ups to cover over worn or cracking areas, or maybe fixing light fixtures, or even simple updates like a new bathroom faucet, or kitchen cupboard door handles that won’t break the bank and give your home a new, fresh look. This will all help prevent the potential buyer from compiling a ‘To-Do’ list that could affect the amount of their purchase offer, or even talk themselves out of buying your home. They majority of buyers want a ‘turn-key’ home, not a home repair project. Essentially, they just want to move in and start enjoying their new home.”

  1. Pick a good realtor

“Today’s real estate market is so competitive, it’s more important than ever to have a realtor who can deliver what is needed to market your home in the best way possible,” French says. “And that includes them being up to date on all of the ways of presenting it online through as many effective forms of social media, 3D walk-throughs, videos and pictures. But ultimately, find a realtor who truly cares about you and your family, one who listens to your concerns and is committed to getting the best deal for you.”

For more information about how Leah French can help get your home ready to be listed, visit her website at:

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