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Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Has been the managing editor of the Dawson Creek Mirror for the last half decade.

Prior to this he enjoyed a 17 year career as a reporter/photographer throughout western Canada.

Those exploits resulted in a pair of news story of the year awards: 'Doctor withdraws service' (AB) and 'Daughter calls service DOA', (MB) as well as two photography of the year awards: 'Clown puts on make-up', and 'Premier gives a high five'.

He has an Arts and culture feature award for 'Double duty at the Fringe' for a story about two roles of his in the 2012 Winnipeg International Fringe Festival.

A CCNA for best ag section and two back to back special edition AWNA awards, a community engagement writing award adding up to more than 25 provincial + national awards for Canadian news reporting, photography, layout, design, and editing.

For the last four years he has judged most provincial, and Canada’s major national newspaper awards.

43, has been writing every day for last 30 years.

A 25-year career Canadian professional editor, journalist, producer, photographer, playwright, actor
(stage/screen), musician and poet.

Produced, written, and directs full-length motion picture ‘Sukunka’ World wide release 2022

One of the most productive, ever present and prescient writers Canada has produced. For three decades and going into a fourth sees intense writing, critical live performance, and producing of every level.

Professionally speaking – there is a special room for journalists having bylines holding more than 200 million print readers.

At the back of that room, there is a velvet roped-off area for those with more than a million printed bylines each in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

his last five years or so:

2021 - Five-year managing editor of the Dawson Creek Mirror, Northern Horizon, and Pipeline News North.
2020 - Co-producer, co-star with daughter Blake in Huey Lewis and the News video “I am There for You”
2019 - British Columbia’s only News Media Canada Quill Award recipient for 20 plus years in journalism.
2017 - Northern British Columbia’s Culture Ambassador.
2016 - 25 plus provincial + national awards for Canadian news reporting, photography, layout, design, and editing.


2005 - The City of Brooks’ Alberta Centennial Citizen of the Year. (at 28 years old)
2004 – RV – acting on set for two days and in scene with Robin Williams.
2003 - Co-founder of now 18-year-old Tumbleweed Theatre. (at 26)

Theatre –

Written + produced 8 stage plays across Western Canada; all profitable w/ nothing beyond box office.

Directed + produced another 16 financially successful projects of others works, incl. Shakespeare x7, Stephen King x5, George Romero, Stephen Sondheim, Anthony Perkins, George Bernard Shaw, Roman Polanski, and more.

His dialogue has long been compared in press to Tarantino, Leonard, and Mamet. His writing and acting has picked up 4.5 stars in multiple fringe festivals – with 4.5 reviews from the CBC, Winnipeg Free Press, the Jenny Revue - and more.

His first five professional years as a journalist -

chased jewel thieves in his car into oncoming traffic, walked out of grow-ops as they are being raided, founded a theatre company, played Petruchio (also on the Royal Manitoba Theater stage 4.5 stars), been on set with Robin Williams, firefighter 2002-04, Food Bank President x2, Brook Chamber of Commerce Vice President.

Has issued tickets to drivers refusing to accept them from officers of the law, and given rides to convicted kidnappers of children who were erroneously released into his care, coached two years of minor hockey and minor football, and was named the City of Brooks Centennial Citizen of the Year in 2005.

Education –

His fidelity to the written word is tangible. Degree in Literature with a focus on their ‘the big three’ as well as both Canadian and World writing – and then simply literature, poetry, and media.

Separate major thesis focus on both work and life of William Blake and work and impact of FR Scott.

Minor degree focus in psychology, politics, theatre, and game theory. English lit. degree is too complicated to break down in this bio.

Acting – stage roles run for 15 years from 2004 to 2018 and include MacDuff, Petruchio (2), Tybalt,
Francis Flute, Crassus, Sam English (5), Lou Largo, and Alan in ‘God of Carnage’, and countless more.

Since 2004 his film roles include parts in ‘RV’ with Robin Williams, ‘Locked Down’ with Vinnie Jones and Bi Ling,
‘Faces in the Crowd’ with Milla Jovovich, ‘Perfect Sisters’ with Abigail Breslin, Mia Sorvino, and more.

Film writing -

From 1998 to 2008, Brown wrote weekly (x2, 3) film review columns ‘The Aisle Seat’ and ‘Reel to Reel’.

He reviews films to this day, with his 2020 review of Nic Cage's ‘Color Out of Space’, and
2020 #hottake on ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ being shared by film directors and producers.

Producing -

Brown and his daughter Blake appear and help produce the Huey Lewis and the News 2020 video ‘I am There for You’ saluting front line and essential pandemic workers.

He has written more than 10 original screenplays, and is working on countless more.

He has directed and produced six short films of his own, either documentary or feature, with last
two shorts picking up Judge’s Comments award nods in 2016 and 2018 in Alberta at the Grande Prairie Film Festival. In 2020/22, he directs a full length feature film he wrote, produced, currently filming in northern BC.

Music –

Has three albums of ambient work from 2009 to 2018 – and works on four/five new
collaborative musical projects in 2021/2022.

Produced the album 'Live at Rolla Pub' in 2019.

Philanthropy and volunteer -

His volunteer hours and non-profit board executive experience quite simply *dwarfs all of the above.

It includes $15 million plus in fundraising, support, and construction projects. He has 1000s of hours as president and vice president of countless boards and commissions - and more than a *decade in municipal planning, and subdivision development and appeal board experience alone.

Former three year firefighter, Food bank president x2, Chamber of Commerce x2, affordable housing, distinguished teacher, and more board of director experience.

Campaign management –

Since 2003 Brown has managed, advised, and or consulted on more than 20 municipal and provincial election campaigns across western Canada. His success/election rate is twenty something of 22.

The professional journalist in him will thank people in another time, on another day.

He thanks Glenn and Sheila for everything else, and most of the above as well.

His favourite titles are Dad to co-writer Blake, and co-author of Keir.


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